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As we all continue to be affected by the changes this virus has forced upon us, please check back often and follow us on social media for updates. We will provide you with plenty of time to make your decision to join us! Meanwhile, think positive as we are almost at the finish line of this most unusual year in sports history!
Thank you for your support. We are here, providing services to children with disabilities, because of you.  We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Get up. Get moving. Come together. Give thanks. 

Pay it forward to children in our community with disabilities. 

Where your money goes. 

Easterseals Early Intervention students who need you...

The Chase Columbus Turkey Trot is proud to support Easterseals of Central and Southeast Ohio and their Early Intervention program which provides hands-on, comprehensive support to help children reach their full potential--regardless of challenges, needs or disabilities. 

Meet Jay who designed the 2020 Turkey Trot logo.

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Jay's Story

Jay’s story began 3 weeks earlier than planned on a June morning in 2017.  Weighing in at just over 5 pounds, everything looked good for the first few hours.  By afternoon, the doctor had concerns about his blood sugar and he was admitted to the NICU.  He was eating well, but his blood sugar kept dropping to dangerous levels.  Jay’s numbers stabilized after a week and he was released.


New issues arose.  Jay developed horrible reflux and was diagnosed with Nonorganic Failure to Thrive.  Both of his parents have developmental disabilities and could not meet his medical needs.  At 3 months, Jay was placed in foster care and then with his paternal grandmother.  The reflux continued until he started on baby food.  By his 6 months check-up, he was still small, but quickly making up lost ground.  The curve on the growth chart was heading in the right direction.


Ohio Early Intervention, formally known as Help Me Grow, did an assessment on Jay at 8 months of age.  At that time, he was meeting the milestones for his age.  They explained that he could be assessed every 3 months until age 3 if necessary.  All seemed fine until his 18 months check-up.  The doctor noticed that Jay’s head was not growing in proportion to the rest of his body and that his language skills were not where they should be.  The doctor suggested that Jay have some genetic testing done to find out why his head size was small.  Both of Jay’s parents are adopted so family medical history is sketchy at best.  The genetic tests showed that he is missing a small piece of 2 chromosomes that are links to language development and head/ facial features.  Ohio Early Intervention did another assessment and he qualified for services for expressive language, physical therapy and occupational therapy.  Monthly therapy started at 20 months of age through Franklin County Developmental Disabilities.  Jay also attended a summer program in 2019 that was 4 days a week for 5 weeks through FCDD.   Easterseals Early Intervention Program was an option put on the table at a follow-up conference with Ohio Early Intervention.  This program would provide the same therapy Jay was receiving monthly 4 days a week and would also include peer relationships, social skills, art, music and so much more.


A couple of weeks before the start of the 2019-2020 school year, Jay was introduced to his teacher,  Miss Amica and her aide Miss Rachel as well as the director of the Early Intervention Program, Miss Lisa.  From the moment he walked into his classroom, it was apparent that he was being welcomed into a school family that would love and nurture him.  Jay was comfortable and quickly overcame his separation anxiety.  Within weeks, he was verbalizing and signing his needs using a word.  By Thanksgiving, his vocabulary had exploded and he was stringing together  3-4 words to make sentences.  He started using language during play and his imagination started to blossom.  Easterseals Early Intervention not only used classroom experiences but community resources as well.  Easterseals provided shared experiences with his class like visits from firefighters, EMT’s, fire trucks to touch, pumpkin patches at Jacqueline Farms to explore, and Metro Parks to visit. The most wonderful Santa you could imagine visited the school.  He could read the students’ comfort level and knew whom to keep a safe distance from and who wanted to sit on his lap for a chat.  The only tears were the parents who were overcome with emotion that their child could have such a special visit with the Jolly Old Elf (and his beard was real!)

And then COVID 19 hit!  Jay was devastated at what seemed like months of weekends where he couldn’t see Miss Amica.  I was concerned that a slide in all his progress would occur; I had so many questions on what to do.  Within days, the emails started with links to songs and stories that were familiar to Jay, as well as ideas on how to keep the learning going.  Miss Amica made learning bags that were specific to Jay’s learning goals and made personal deliveries to each students’ front porch.  Jay was going to be OK, the learning would continue.  The only missing piece was the peer interaction.  But, thanks to all the pictures that had been shared since the first day of school, Jay could see his friends and talk about earlier days of school activities.


I cannot thank the Easterseals Early Intervention staff enough for what they have done for Jay.  He has transitioned to South-Western City Schools Preschool Program and I’m confident that he has been given a strong foundation for school success. 


Thank you for supporting Easterseals Early Intervention Program through the Turkey Trot.  Have a good race walkers and runners!



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