On behalf of Chase Bank we welcome you to the official website of the 2021 Chase Columbus Turkey Trot.  We are excited to come to you LIVE and can not wait to see you on November 25th. By registering today you will receive a nice little "discount" and be guaranteed a fantastic "swag bag" consisting of a long sleeve  running garment, custom finisher's medal, and the traditional pumpkin pie for those who are participating in person. Your morning will also feature the Dick's Tot Trot for that future Olympian 12-under.  Back due to popular demand, we will keep the virtual component of the race as requested.  Just pick up your packet at the places listed during registration for your virtual race.

Your entry will continue to support Easterseals Central and Southeast Ohio providing services to children with disabilities. Thanks you for your support.
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Get up. Get moving. Come together. Give thanks. 

Pay it forward to children in our community with disabilities. 

Where your money goes. 
Easterseals Early Intervention students who need you...

The Chase Columbus Turkey Trot is proud to support Easterseals of Central and Southeast Ohio and their Early Intervention program which provides hands-on, comprehensive support to help children reach their full potential--regardless of challenges, needs or disabilities. 

Meet Ellie who designed the 2021 Turkey Trot logo.

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Ellie's Story
Written by Sarah W. 

During my pregnancy, genetic concerns were reported on the prenatal screening. Ellie was a frozen embryo from IVF several years prior but we had not completed any testing on our embryos. We opted for an amniocentesis to confirm any abnormalities and the results came back with normal chromosomes. Ellie also had some brain measurements that were enlarged in utero but did not warrant further intervention at the time. Our plan was to be fully prepared with her medical team and well educated if anything abnormal became apparent. However, we were finally relieved and reassured for this pregnancy.

Ellie was born at 37 weeks and went to the NICU for respiratory support and monitoring over the first 36 hours. She was a born a few weeks early and via c section so this wasn’t terribly unexpected or worrisome. She did wonderfully and went home with us on day 4.

Ellie was found to have two cardiac defects in her early newborn well checks due to audible murmurs on exam by our pediatrician. Cardiology testing was reassuring and we proceeded with close monitoring. Then at 11 weeks old, she was hospitalized with respiratory distress and fever monitoring following a diagnosis of a cold/virus. Ellie recovered well and seemed without further concerns developmentally or medically.

By 7 months, it became more obvious that Ellie was behind in gross motor milestones and she seemed to be less motivated to roll, sit, or utilize any core strength. Naturally, I assumed it was from being a third child, in the car seat frequently for big kid activities, and lack of tummy time. We lovingly joked that she had a large head and it was impeding her ability to stay upright. However, by 9 months I voiced more concern to her pediatrician and we moved forward quickly with a neuro consult and physical therapy for low muscle tone. It was discovered she had several brain abnormalities requiring close follow up as well.

From here, it spiraled into many other speciality appointments including genetics which eventually helped us put together her facial/body features, symptoms, and testing to find our answer. The full exome gene sequencing takes four months to result and we were already over a year into searching for a diagnosis. Our frustration and worry grew more each month. My momma gut and nurse brain told me that this was not benign; there was a reason for all of these atypical traits and occurrences which kept me motivated to be her best advocate.

At 26 months, Ellie finally started independent walking with braces which was a huge milestone for her. However, we noticed she was dragging her left leg with this new skill. This developed into a left sided cerebral palsy diagnosis after ruling out other possibilities with more testing.

That same month, August of 2020, we received our genetic answer. Ellie has an extremely rare genetic mutation called CHD8. We felt so much relief to finally have an answer as well as an understanding of her physical characteristics, medical concerns and expectations for the future.

This is a fairly new discovery in the genetic world (2012) with minimal formal research. However, we were provided with phenomenal genetic counseling and support to understand Ellie’s medical needs and what to expect from her development moving forward. We are also participating in on going research studies to assist in better understanding this genetic mutation for future medical treatment.

The mutation is pathological for autism and learning disabilities. Ellie is closely monitored and in several early intervention programs to provide the best possible outcomes. She also shares the mutation characteristics of low muscle tone, gross/fine motor delay, poor GI motility, anxiety, and facial features of other children with this diagnosis.

Our transition from home based therapy to Easterseals was seamless. Throughout the pandemic, the teachers and staff were very proactive, receptive to our needs, and greatly involved to keep Ellie on track developmentally. It wasn’t easy to provide what she needed at home but they were always available to provide encouragement, support, delivery of home bags with learning activities, zoom meetings to touch base and everything in between!

I truly believe she is developing so well and making so much progress because of Easterseals. We are very thankful for wonderful intervention programming and children’s medical facilities near our home.  It is a huge relief to have a team of experts who will listen to family concerns and make meaningful individualized care plans.


Easterseals will forever hold a special place in our hearts! Ms Amica provided Ellie with an exceptional first year of school which has set her up for success in all areas of well-being. Her gross motor improvement, new love of getting messy, social skills and academic progress are a direct result of her classroom teachers.


We can’t wait to see everyone again at the Chase Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot! 

Thank you for supporting Easterseals Early Intervention Program through the Chase Turkey Trot.  Have a good race walkers and runners!

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